What is SaaS?

SaaS is a term for “Software as a Service” product delivery model. By subscribing to an automation service available online (usually via web-browser or an app) you become a client in the SaaS contract. These are the examples of SaaS – Kounta, Deputy, Office365 etc. SaaS is the most popular type of delivering an automation product to the consumer market.

Do I own the software if I purchase a SaaS product?

No, you don’t. You purchase a service which is an expense in your balance sheet. It’s not an asset.

What is Kounta POS SLA?

Kounta Point of Sale platform Service Level Agreement is a contract in which we provide you with the following services:

  • Setup and maintenance of your Kounta POS accounts;
  • Upload and management the product list with its attributes;
  • Setup and maintenance of your team members access rights;
  • Setup and maintenance of the discounts and marketing funds trackers;
  • Setup and maintenance of your Kounta POS account integration with other systems – Accounting, HRM and Payroll etc.
  • Provide POS help desk services to you and your team during your store’s business hours.


What equipment is compatible with Managed Systems that I purchase?

The standard Managed System configuration is covered in the services description.

Is looking after my POS hardware a part of Kounta POS SLA?

No, it is not. The support or maintenance of your POS hardware – a tablet or a PC, a printer, a cash-drawer and a router – is your responsibility. User Manuals which are usually supplied with the equipment contain the descriptions of what you should to do to keep your equipment in order and to ensure its longer service life.

What happens if my hardware breaks?

If the hardware is on the warranty, it will be fixed or replaced free of charge by the service representative of the manufacturer. If the warranty has expired then you will have to pay for the repairs or purchase a new item instead of the broken one. It is your responsibility to contact the authorized service centre and to arrange the repairs.  

What is IaaS?

“IaaS” is a term for “Infrastructure as a Service” product delivery model. By subscribing to IaaS you use the Point of Sale equipment that belongs to the provider of the service. Conveniently the duty of looking after the equipment and replacing it when it breaks or ages is on the provider of the service. If you are interested in subscribing to this service, please, contact us. We will buy out your equipment from you in exchange for the IaaS Contract.


Do I need to purchase other programs for my POS?

We offer a flexible model of business systems’ integration. We encourage you to automate your processes to the extent of the available technology, and we will be happy to assist you with it advising you the best prices that we can get from the suppliers.