Service Level Guarantees

If you have purchased Managed Services (as identified on a given line item in your Services Description), then the following Service Level Guarantees apply to those services.

1. BMyIT software and configuration

1.1 The Managed Systems components (which include our support) are deployed to a pre-defined standard as set forth in the Services Description.

1.2 If we agree to deploy any Managed System configuration that does not fit our standard deployment specification, we may identify elements of that configuration as Unsupported Services as described in your Product Terms and Conditions. BMyIT shall not have any obligation to provide Support for any Managed System which is identified as “Unsupported” or “Non-Standard”.

1.3 We may from time to time update our Managed Systems deployment configuration including in cases where a change to the hardware or architecture requirements is necessary to support new versions our Managed Systems. In order to receive support the applicable Managed System components must at all times adhere to the supported versions as described in 2.2 below (even if a hardware or configuration change is required to update to a supported version).

2. Service Level Guarantees

2.1 Escalation Support.

BMyIT will provide escalation resources and support for devices connected to Managed Systems hosted by BMyIT as indicated in Services Description. For Escalation Support Services, BMyIT will not provide routine management, monitoring, maintenance or support of such devices, and will not administer them, but may require you to run a diagnostic script, provide command line outputs, screenshots, or a remote viewing access to aid in troubleshooting. BMyIT does not guarantee resolution of any engineering or escalation request. BMyIT has no obligation to provide support for any elements of the hardware or software of the devices except for the connectors to Managed Services as part of Escalation Support Services.

2.2 Supported Versions of Managed Services (including connectors).

BMyIT will provide Support Services only for the version of the BMyIT Managed Services that is the latest release as of the beginning of the deployment. BMyIT is not required to provide Support Services at any time under this Agreement for any but the current and one prior major version release of the BMyIT Managed Service. To continue to receive Support Services, Customers must update the firmware and the software of their devices from time to time with the BMyIT recommended releases. Customer shall be responsible for initiating updates to released versions, but BMyIT Support Services shall include support for updating. Customer acknowledges that the hardware and architecture requirements may change between versions of the BMyIT Managed Services, and changes to their devices may be required (including upgrading devices or components for an additional fee).

2.3 Response Time Service Level Guarantee

Support Hours

Support for Urgent Requests is available 24 hours, 7 days, year round.

Severity Levels

BMyIT shall designate each support request according to the following categories, depending on the severity of the impact experienced by Customer:


Definition: Customer is unable to fulfil its business objectives.

Example: Managed System is partially or wholly inoperable. Unable to access, store or retrieve any objects in BMyIT Managed System.


Definition: Customer business objectives are impaired, but not completely obstructed.

Example: Inability to launch or terminate new connections in Managed System but current instances are operating normally.


Definition: Non-critical; some anomalous behaviour in some Customer related system functions.

Example: Unusual delay in accessing some or any objects; also includes support call or text classified as incidents.

Customer agrees to accept the severity levels defined and communicated by BMyIT, provided that BMyIT’s designation is reasonable.

Response Times:

Severity Level Escalation Support Initial Response MS Support Initial Response
Urgent 8 hrs 1 hrs
High 16 hrs 4 hrs
Normal 24 hrs 8 hrs

Once engaged, BMyIT will work with Customer representatives to resolve the problem by either providing a resolution, steps towards a resolution, workaround, configuration changes, or escalation of a bug report to a third party or the community. If an issue is possibly an unknown bug, BMyIT may report the bug along with a description of the issue to the community and will investigate remediation approaches internally.

BMyIT will work continuously (24×7) using diligent efforts on an Urgent request until the issue (1) is resolved, (2) is determined to be unresolvable, (3) or the issue is resolved with a workaround sufficient to re-categorize it to a lower severity level.

The times above are response times, not resolution times. BMyIT makes no guarantee regarding the time to resolve a support request, only that it will undertake those efforts described above.

2.4 Limitations

Notwithstanding anything in the Service Level Guarantees to the contrary, the maximum total credit for the monthly billing period, including all guarantees, shall not exceed 100% of your monthly recurring fee for the affected Managed System. Credits that would be available but for this limitation will not be carried forward to future billing periods.