Introduction – Services Description

Most of the BMyIT “off-the-shelf” and “test” Managed Services are described in this section in the following structure:

Users’ description

This part describes the automation and the functional value of the service in a few simple words.

Specification of the system

It is widely accepted definition of an IT System as the aggregate of interconnected elements. The cornerstone elements of any IT System are hardware, software, network and a human actor. In this section you will find what the standard deployment environment of a Managed System is. This section is maintained for power users and IT-professionals.

Confines of support

Our dedicated support has its rational limited which we cannot go beyond without damaging the interests of our clients, their customers, our team and other stakeholders. This section described the specific framework of our support for each Managed Service.

The List of Services

  • 02.1 – Managed Systems

    • Communications Managed Systems
      • Exchange Cloud Server
      • Short Message Service
      • Voice over IP Service
    • Shared Office Managed Systems
      • Office 365
      • Google Office
    • Point of Sale Managed Platforms
      • Kounta
      • Vend
    • Loyalty Management Systems
      • “Loyal Tea” (powered by BMyIT Singulart)
      • Tidy (powered by Loke)
    • Websites
      • Landing Pages and Websites
      • Portals
      • Online Commerce
      • Forms
      • Learning Systems
    • Data Management Systems
      • Data Warehouse Managed System
      • Backup Managed System
    • Security Managed Systems
      • Network Security Managed System
      • SPAM Filter Managed System
      • Premises Access Managed System
  • 02.2 – Support Services

    • Support
      • Retail Outlet Support
      • Restaurant/Cafe/Pub Support
      • Office Network
      • Office Workstations
      • Office BYOD
      • Home Office
    • Domain Name Management
    • DNS Management
    • SSL Certificates Management
    • Data Processing
    • Merchant Services Management
    • IT Assets Register
    • Franchise POS Support
      • POS Platform Migration
      • Data Transfer
      • Product List Policies Management
      • End Users Access Policies Management
      • Group Reports
    • 02.3 – On Site Deployment Services

      • Point of Sale Setup
      • Network Setup
      • Printers Setup
      • Surveillance System Setup
    • 02.4 – Training and Certification Services

      • Security Compliance Training and Certification
      • Privacy Laws Compliance and Certification
      • POS Training and Certification
    • 02.5 – Supplementary Services

      • IT Strategy Consulting
      • Software Development
      • ERP-Systems Integration
      • API Development and Setup
    • 02.6 – Excluded Services

      • Devices
      • Software
      • Connectivity
      • Creative Design
      • Development