Introduction – Legal Information

BMyIT was founded to be a new type of technology company which delivers the benefits of automation and technology to the front line where the business meets its customers. The technology can be complicated and confusing, and the mission of BMyIT is to make the use of the technology easy.

All our legal information is published in the documents on this website and easily accessible. For questions related to these documents, please contact a BMyIT representative at or send enquiries to P.O. Box 42, Applecross, WA 6953.

By accessing, browsing or using our websites, portal and online shops, or by accepting our quotes and offers you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by all terms and conditions incorporated by reference as outlined in our Terms of Use (02.1 – Terms and Conditions of Use).

Documents Structure

01 – General Terms and Conditions

BMyIT’s General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all products and services that are provided by BMyIT.

02 – Services Description

Most of the BMyIT standard and “test” Managed Services are described in this section in the following structure – the users’ description, the specification of the service and the confines of support.

03 – Specific Products Terms and Conditions

The Specific Product Terms and Conditions may contain the additional terms for the particular Managed Services you are buying.

04 – Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) defines acceptable use of the Managed Services by its customers, their staff and agents.

05 – Country Specific Terms and Conditions

If the Managed Service is provided from data or development centres located both in Australia and one or more non-Australian jurisdictions, the Country Specific Terms that may be applicable in those jurisdictions.

06 – Security and Privacy Practices

BMyIT has created this privacy statement that sets forth our information gathering, data security and dissemination practices.

07 – Service Level Guarantee

BMyIT provides the Managed Services in accordance with the Managed Services Description and the Service Level Guarantees.

08 – Test Terms

Some of the services have been designated as a “Beta”, limited release, or “test”. The use of such services is subject to special “Test” terms.

09 – Frequently Asked Questions

If some of these documents are confusing, please, try to find the answers in our “FAQ” section. There is a good chance that you question was asked and answered before.